At RedOaks we seek to equip children and families with rhythms and practices that they will carry with them into adulthood. 


All of our classrooms and resources revolve around WORD – PRAYER – RELATIONSHIP – GO!  We believe that children of all ages can read God’s Word (WORD), can talk to God and hear His voice God’s voice (PRAYER), are part of God’s family (RELATIONSHIP) and are part of God’s mission (GO!).


Look for our volunteers at the RedOaks Kids Check-In Station to answer questions and point you and your kids in the right direction.  We will help you to register your child for classes and get name tags printed for them.


Fill out this online Family Registration.  This will streamline the Check-In process for your family during the weekend!


All our teachers are fingerprinted and have had a background check.  Parents are required to sign in and all children will have a name tag that matches the one parents are given.  Teachers will require parents to have their matching name tag at pick-up.  Children will remain in worship with their families and be dismissed for classes from service.

Birth - 3 years old:

  • Curriculum based on the Bible Basics Storybook
  • Children will hear stories and engage in intentional play
  • Children will complete crafts and have talk time with teachers each week
  • Focus is on God’s love for us all and knowing basic Bible stories/people

4 years old - 1st grade:

  • Curriculum based on the Bible Basics Storybook
  • Children will hear stories and have conversation/discussion along with completing a craft each week
  • Children will begin to journal and pray together 
  • Focus is on exploring big ideas in God’s Word (Church is a people, God is with us, we can talk to/hear from God)

2nd - 4th grade:

  • Curriculum is based on the Hands-On Bible
  • Children will receive a drawstring bag with a bible, journal and highlighter
  • Children will read the Bible and journal each week along with participating in student-driven projects that bless our community
  • Focus is on knowing how to read the Bible, asking questions/having discussions and what it looks like to GO! Together